Sunday, August 28, 2011

VIDEO GAME REVIEW: Cars 2 Video Game a Hit with Kids this Summer

New Cars 2 for Wii was a hit at Summer Camp!

I few weeks ago, my son helped to host a Cars 2 video game party at his Summer Day Camp. I received a complimentary copy of Cars 2 for Wii from BzzAgent.  All the kids at camp were excited to play the new game that complements the new Cars 2 Movie that opened in theaters on June 24th.

The Summer Day Camp went all out for the party which included food and Cars 2 decorations.  Each child even brought their favorite toy car to camp to race against each other.

If you have not read the Cars 2 movie review by guest blogger Liz Parker, the following is a short highlight of the film:

Lightning McQueen is back in Radiator Springs after winning his fourth Piston Cup. He reunites with his best friend Mater and his girlfriend Sally and is ready to enjoy his life post-race season. However, the creator of a new type of fuel, Allinal, is having a multi-country race, and he wants Lightning McQueen to compete; McQueen can't pass up the chance to beat his enemy Francesco Bernoulli, who will also be racing, so he agrees to the race and asks Mater to come with him to work in his pit crew. What they don't know, however, is that a group of lemons (as in faulty cars) want to sabotage the race so that Allinal will be ruined as a brand, and they will not stop until all the cars racing are harmed.

In the Cars 2 video game, players train to become agents of CHROME - (Command Headquarters for Reconstruction Operations Center & Research Motorized Espionage) and take on dangerous missions to compete to become the fastest racecar in the world.

My son loved playing the Cars 2 Wii game in the many different video game modes including "Battle Race" mode where the cars race using spy gadgets.  He also loved "Hunter Mode" where players use weapons to hunt down enemies.  His favorite game mode was "Survival" where the player collect batteries to make a shield to protect yourself.

Cars 2 video game is rated E for Everyone 10 years of age and older due to cartoon violence.

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Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary copy of Cars 2 for Wii from BzzAgent in exchange for writing a review and stating my unbiased opinion.  BzzAgent also provided each child at the party with a $5 off coupon to buy the Cars 2 video game.  

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