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Blogging by the Bay: #BlogHer11 (Part 3) - Meeting Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser + GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

Bob Harper at the BlogHer11 Workout - Photo Credit - Jackie Harper
Bob Harper has no mercy....

So I found out on my trip to BlogHer11 in San Diego that my friend Laura from is a big fan of the TV show "The Biggest Loser", and especially of trainer Bob Harper.  Quaker Oats sponsored a 7am workout on the roof of the Marriott for 50 BlogHer11 participants to do a yoga workout with Bob. I did not plan to be one of them.

I wanted to sleep in, but Laura was not having it. Forced out of my comfy bed at the Embassy Suites, I wishfully thought to myself, how hard could a yoga workout be with a famous trainer like Bob? I figured Bob would use the time as a nice photo opp and we would strike a few classic yoga poses for the cameras. Boy was I wrong...

Laura made sure we got to the roof well before 7am (thanks Laura). Since we were among the first bloggers in line, we checked in and were strategically sitting in the first row right in front of the stage on our special yoga mats provided by Quaker Oaks. At 7:03am, Bob Harper emerged on the roof with all the energy of a child at Disney World for the first time, cracking jokes, being charming and making all the lady bloggers swoon.  I was filming and he came right up to me and made a joke about how bloggers always have cameras in their hands when they meet him (see my video of the moment below).

Click here if video of Bob is not shown

And then came hell....
Someone must have not told Bob that we were doing yoga.  That man went into a full on exercise boot camp from hell, just like on "The Biggest Loser" (and I thought Jillian was the mean one of the show).  We did jumping jacks, and push-ups and sit-ups and squats and butt lifts and more sit-ups and more squats.  Bob said that he was going to work us until he could bounce a quarter off our butts.

Photo Credit - Jackie Harper
The workout was only suppose to last for 30 minutes, but Bob kept going and going and would not stop even when he was told it was time for him to go.  He was determined about bouncing that quarter.  The moment that I will never forget in the workout was when Bob had us doing butt lifts and he came over to me and straddled me with his legs and told me to push against him and try to open my knees.  Say what? Seriously Bob? Then he says and I quote "Forget what your momma taught you and open your legs".  I really hope no one captured that moment on video ;)

Bob Harper is a very gracious celeb ...
After the intense workout was over, of course everything was forgiven and we all wanted individual photos with Bob. Even though he was now running late for a breakfast with other bloggers, Bob Harper graciously posed for photo after photo and his smile was genuine in each picture.  He was so nice that I totally forgot how my legs felt like mush.

Bob Harper's latest DVD - Yoga for the Warrior
After Bob left for his BlogHer breakfast appointment, each of us was given a copy of Bob's latest workout DVD - Bob Harper Inside Out Method: Yoga for the Warrior (affiliate link).  The DVD description reads "High Intensity", "Powerful Yoga Weight Loss", "Sweat Making Workouts" and "Yoga at Its Extreme". Well based on those definitions, I guess Bob's workout with us was actually yoga after all :)

Next up... 
Stay tuned as I tell you about our other adventures in San Diego in the next installment in my series "BlogHer11: Blogging by the Bay".

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Disclosure: Quaker Oats supplied complimentary yoga mats, Gatorade and workout DVD's for the Bob Harper workout at BlogHer11. All opinions stated are my own.

The Embassy Suites sponsored 3 nights of Laura's and my hotel stay for BlogHer11 at the Embassy Suites Hotel San Diego Bay.

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