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GIVEAWAY: Peteet's Famous Cheese Cakes is Awesome! Enter to win a Whole Cheesecake ENDS 8/29 (CLOSED)

Peteet's makes some Great Cheese Cake!

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Peteet's Famous Cheese Cakes on 9 Mile Road in Oak Park, MI. Until my visit, I had not heard of this business, but I'm now so happy that I know where to go for some awesome cheesecake in Metro Detroit, When I drove up to the store, my eye was immediately drawn to the sign in the window that said they offer FREE cheesecake samples daily - my kind of store :)

Everything looks so good....
When I entered the store, I fell in love with the decor that included real wood wainscoting and a cute window seat.  But of course, my eyes were drawn to the glass cases that contained tons of cheesecake and other goodies. 

Peteet's Famous Cheese Cakes makes 90 different flavors of cheese cake, but they usually offer around 20-30 flavors at a time and change out the flavors monthly or by holiday. I was given a tour of the spotless baking area that is setup to make up to 150 cheesecakes per hour.  Everything at Peteet's is made from scratch.

Patrick Peteet, owner of Peteet's Famous Cheese Cakes
The owner of Peteet's Famous Cheese Cakes is Patrick Peteet who works hard 6 days a week at perfecting his cheesecake creations.  The store is a real family affair with Patrick's whole family helping out including his mother Marcia, his brother Chauncey, his nephew Quran and his cousins Patrice and Jason. Even Patrick's young son helps out, although Patrick's mom says that young Patrick Jr. eats more cheesecake than he makes.

The whole Peteet family work at the store
The Peteet family is a tight knit unit who have survived some hard times together.  The Peteets owned a real estate company in Oak Park for over 20 years, but almost lost everything when the housing market went under in the Detroit area.  But instead of giving up, Patrick turned what was once a hobby for him into a new business venture and decided to open the bakery in the same neighborhood as his previous business.  Patrick told me that he wants the people in Oak Park to know "we are still here".

Yes, I took a bite before I snapped the photo - I have no control around good food :)
My favorite part of visiting the store was of course tasting all the cheesecake.  My favorite was the Key Lime Pie Cheesecake.  I have no shame in saying that I devoured the entire slice in no time flat.  Some of the other flavors that Peteet's offers are Plain, Sweet Potato, PB and J, French Vanilla, Banana, Cappuccino, Strawberry Banana, Almond, Raspberry, Pineapple, Chocolate, Turtle, Oreo, Red Velvet, Reeses, Strawberry  Lemon and Peach Cobbler.  Are you hungry yet?

Peteet's also makes Honey Butter Yeast Rolls, Brownies, and Chocolate chip Cookies.  Patrick "forced" a few of the cookies on me and I felt "obligated" to eat them both the minute I got home :)

When I asked Patrick about the future, he said he wants to open more locations for Peteet's Famous Cheese Cakes and leave the chain to his son.  I have no doubt that he will do just that.

Peteet's Famous Cheesecakes
13835 9 Mile Road
Oak Park, MI 48237

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