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Sleep Innovations® GIVEAWAY (week 4): WIN a $190 Anti Snore Pillow - ENDS 9/6 (CLOSED)

This pillow is for snorers - just like the name says....

This is the 4th and last post featuring Sleep Innovations products that make you not want to get out of your bed.

And the week three winners are...
Before we get into this week's giveaway, I first want to announce the winners from week three who each won a $40 set of  Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Cluster Gusseted Pillows. The winners were Ken of Phillipsburg, NJ, Cynthia of Morriston, FL and Yolanda of Detroit, MI.  Since the week 3 giveaway was last month, these three winners now have their pillows and are all having happy dreams courtesy of Sleep Innovations.

Sleep Innovations Anti Snore Pillow - the name says it all...
So I saved the review of the Sleep Innovations Anti Snore Pillow for last for a good reason - no one in my home snores.   When a product is sold with a particular purpose in mind, then it really should be bought for that purpose.

Sleep Innovations sums up the the problem with snoring very well with the following quote from their website = “While snoring is often the center of many jokes and comedy skits, there’s nothing funny about the negative health effects of not getting a good night’s sleep”.

Many of you who have been following my review of Sleep Innovation products starting with my first review will notice that the photo of the Anti Snore Pillow looks very similar to the photo of the Rejuvenation™ Memory Foam Pillow. Both pillows are designed for back and side sleepers to hold a person's head at an 18 degree angle for perfect alignment of the head, neck and spine.  But the pillows have major differences.

The Rejuvenation Memory Foam Pillow is firm, but still on the softer side. The Anti Snore Pillow is very dense and very firm. This pillow is also much bigger and longer than the Rejuvenation Memory Foam Pillow and is the size of a King pillow. The Anti Snore Pillow is designed to make sure that the sleeper stays in that perfect alignment and does not move - period.  So if you are like me and don't snore nor like a very firm pillow, this pillow is not for you.  This pillow is especially designed for someone who snores and needs a pillow that will force them to sleep in perfect alignment all night in an effort to open the airway and reduce the snoring.

According the Sleep Innovations website -
"After conducting extensive research into the factors that affect a person's snoring, Sleep Innovations found that keeping the neck at an 18 degree angle is most effective in allowing for optimal airway position, the main factor in determining if a person snores– and how loud. The Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Anti-Snore Pillow's dual density memory foam design offers the best of both worlds – a supportive center to keep a person's head at the optimal 18 degree angle while maintaining spine and neck alignment combined with cushioned sides for ultimate sleeping comfort.."

One thing that I have found out from trying out all these great Sleep Innovations Pillows over many weeks is that pillow preference differs from person to person, just like preference in mattress firmness.  But when you find the product that works for you, it can make your bed heavenly.

The Sleep Innovations Anti Snore Pillow sells for around $190 on

Three (3) FREEISMYLIFE Readers will each win one $190 Sleep Innovations Anti Snore Pillow. HOLLA to the FREE!


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Disclosure: I received a complementary Anti Snore Pillow from Sleep Innovations for the purpose of reviewing the product and stating my unbiased opinion. I was not compensated for this post. has spoken. Out of 281 entries, has picked the following 3 winners of a $190 Sleep Innovations Anti Snore Pillow.  Congratulations to:

#41 Julio of Clearwater, FL
#115 Nicole of Kelso, WA
#195 Samantha of Auburn, Maine

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