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REVIEW: #HalloWeekends at Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH are Scary Good for the Whole Family!

I had a Good Time at my first HalloWeekend...

I have gone to Ceder Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, OH almost every year since I was kid, but I had never been for a HalloWeekend. For those who don't know, HalloWeekends at Cedar Point is when the park is transformed for Halloween during the weekends in September and October.  And last week, I was invited to attend Mom Bloggers HalloWeekends Day at Cedar Point.

All photo taken by Jackie Harper
The fun begins while driving up the causeway leading to the park with little bark covered stake signs on the side of the road warning you that the roller coasters are not going to be the only scary things in the park.  Cedar Point even updated their welcome entrance sign to put their mascots Snoopy and Charlie Brown in Halloween costumes. In fact the entire park is decorated for Halloween including tons of skeletons, giant inflatables ogres and spiders and lots of pumpkins.

We had a great time, but make sure you dress for the weather...
Dress for the Cold Weather...
The day that we went to the park, the weather turned cold (plus it rained) but we still have a great time.  But remember to dress warmly for HalloWeekends (ski jackets, hats, gloves, long underwear) since Cedar Point is surrounded by water and riding a roller coaster that is going over 100 miles per hour in cold weather can chill your bones, especially if you are riding after dark.

Be sure take a ride on the Sky Ride so you can get a bird's eye view of the entire park.

While the park gets scary after dark, there are plenty of family friendly rides, shows and attractions during the day including -

· Skeleton Crew— An exciting spectacle of acrobatics and aerial acts taking place throughout the day in Cedar Point’s new Celebration Plaza!

· The Goodtime Ghouls: A Halloween Hullabaloo— An energetic musical revue featuring a mix of rockabilly, swing, pop and disco in the Good Time Theater.

· Gypsy Fortune Tellers— Find out what’s in the cards for you as you venture into Frontiertown.

· Charlie Brown’s Funtime Frolics— Join Charlie, Snoopy and the PEANUTS gang for music, stories and spooky surprises.

· The Magical House on Boo Hill--- Whimsical illusions await at every corner in the topsy-turvy house just outside the Blue Streak roller coaster.

· Monster Midway Invasion Celebration— Friendly monsters and characters take over the Cedar Point Main Midway with dancing, parade floats and music every day at 4 p.m.

· PEANUTS™ Halloween Show and Kids’ Costume Contest— Bring your little pirates and princesses for pre-school competitions at 2 p.m. and grade-school competitions at 2:45 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday in the Blue Streak Plaza.

· Sideshow: A Carnival of Magic— Step right up for amazing illusions and jaw-dropping suspense!

The Eternity Infirmary - Scary and Funny...
The scariest thing that we did (other than ride the roller coasters) was to go through the Haunted Eternity Infirmary.  This hospital is full of blood, guts, body parts and ghoulish doctors that want to scare you to death. I thought it was funny, the kids did not. The "doctors" are not allowed to touch you as you walk through the halls of death, but they are allowed to pop out of no where and they love to whisper cute sayings in your ears as you pass by.  The place looks small and you may think you can walk through it in no time flat, but it actually takes 10-15 minutes until you escape - so be warned :)

Best Ribs I have had in a while...
During our visit, it started to rain - heavily!!! So we took the train to Frontier Land and waited out the rain while having lunch at the Chuck Wagon Restaurant. My son and I spent $25 to share a full rack of ribs with two sides and a homemade biscuit.  I could not believe how great those ribs were.  The sauce was wonderful and the meat just fell off the bone. And we actually fought over the biscuit.  I highly recommend this restaurant if you love ribs - who knew Cedar Point could cook food this good.

The Cedar Point Museum is great for waiting out the rain...
Unfortunately, the rain continued pass lunch, but we (and lots of other people) found another warm and friendly place to wait out the weather  - the park's museum.  I had never been to the museum before in it was a pleasure to walk through it and see the winners of the roller coaster design contest along with models of existing Cedar Point roller coasters. I also found out during our tour of the museum that Cedar Point has been in the Guinness Book of World Records 3 times and has received the Golden Ticket Award as the "Best Amusement Park in the World."  The kids loved that the museum gave them Halloween candy.

Don't let the look fool ya - he was loving his snack from CJ's Provisions
CJ's Provisions is a must visit - your tummy will thank you!
Cedar Point treated us to a snack that embodies Halloween.  We went to CJ's Provisions near the Millennium Force roller coaster for caramel apples, cookies and a cup of the best cider I have ever had.

This beautiful sunset was the perfect end to our day at the park...
My first Cedar Point HalloWeekend was great, despite the rain.  We all had a great time and it was nice to see the park all dressed up for Halloween.  Since we had a long drive back to Detroit, we left the park just before 7pm and was greeted with this great sunset on our way home. It was the perfect end to a nice HalloWeekend.

For more information on Cedar Point HalloWeekends, visit the Cedar Point Website and follow Cedar Point on Twitter and Facebook


Disclosure: I was invited to Cedar Point for HalloWeekends Mom Blogger Day. I and my family and friends received complementary admission, parking and snacks. We paid for transportation and lunch. I have been loving Cedar Point since I was my son's age and all opinions are my own :)


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