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Earn Cash for You & Box Tops for Your Child's School with Jingit for Apple & Android #Jingit4edu #cbias

The Jingit app is a nice way to make a little change while also helping out our local schools...

Have you heard about a new smartphone app called Jingit? I try to keep up with any new apps that let me earn money by doing the normal things that I usually do everyday. But I had not heard of the Jingit smartphone app for Apple and Android devices until Collective Bias gave me the opportunity to try it out for myself.

What’s a Jingit? 
Jingit is a smartphone app by a new start-up company (also called Jingit) that allows great brands like General Mills to pay you real, instant cash for paying attention to them.

You can use the app to watch brand ads and earn cash. And now for a limited time, not only can you earn cash for yourself, but you can also use the app to earn Box Tops for Education for your child's school by finding and scanning the barcodes of participating products both in-store using the Jingit mobile app and online using the Jingit online function.

How do I Sign-up for Jingit & Box Tops for Education?
1. Sign up for Jingit online at the website
2. Click the “Earn Now” button and then “Facebook Login” in the right-hand corner of the screen
3. Now you will be prompted through sign-up and then on to pick the school that you want to get credit for your Box Tops for Education.
4. Lastly, Download the Jingit app to your smartphone

How do I earn cash for me?
Use the Jingit app to watch brand product commercials.  You get cash for every ad you watch and complete a survey. With each ad that you watch, the Jingit app will tell you how much you will earn before you get started. The amount will usually be around 6 to 30 cents. But that's not bad for 30 seconds worth of effort while sitting on your comfy couch - and it all adds up over time.

There is a $10 a week limit on the amount you can earn using Jingit. And you can use the cash that you earn to buy products within the Jingit app like mp3's to add to your music collection.

Every successful check-in gets your kid's school some Box Tops for Education
How do I earn boxtops for my child's school?
After you select the designated school that will get credit for your Box Tops for Education, just watch certain ads that earn you cash and also Box Tops for Education or go shopping at Walmart with the Jingit mobile app and scan the barcodes of the products that are in the Box Tops for Education program.

The Jingit app will list the participating products on the check-in screen when you enter the store. After you scan the product barcode and complete a short survey, your school will be credited with the Box Tops for Education.

I earned both Cash & Box Tops looking at certain online ads in Jingit
I bought these items at Walmart and earned Box Tops for Education scanning their barcodes using Jingit...
Check out My Jingit Experience getting Box Tops for Education!
I found the Jingit signup process to be very easy.  After I downloaded the Jingit app to my iPad, I went shopping at Walmart to pick up a few food items and earn some Box Tops for Education for my son's school. It took longer to walk through the store aisles than it did to scan the products and take the surveys.  

Since everyone shops for food and most parents collect Box Tops for Education to help out our kids schools, the Jingit app is a nice way to make a little change while also helping out our local schools. 

And you can also earn more cash and Box Tops for Education when you go on and find banner ads with the Jingit curl from these same brands. Every time you Jingit on, you earn - and donate - more.

Remember, the Box Tops for Education feature in Jingit is available for only a limited time, so download the Jingit app today and shop to earn your Box Tops for Education. 

Check out my entire experience of shopping at Walmart with the Jingit app by viewing my shopping story photos on Google+.

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Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Jingit - #CBias #SocialFabric. All opinions are my own. 

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