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REVIEW: Upgrade Your "Drawers" with MALO by Mario Lopez™ #MaLoUnderwear #CBias

Holes no more...

My son is your typical 12 year old boy. He cares nothing about his personal appearance. Left up to him, he would never bath, brush his teeth nor comb his hair. I found out over the Summer that his school shoes had holes in the bottom on them. When I asked him about it, he said it was no big deal since he could still walk in them. When he is at school, I sneak into his closet to make sure there are no holes in any of his clothing since I now know he won't tell me about it if there are any.

Such a cute kid for someone who does not care about his appearance..
Over the summer, my son grew 3 inches so I had to throw out every pair of pants that he had to buy all new ones - so at least I know there are no holes in these new pairs. He also outgrew all his shoes so we had to purchase all new ones - Thank the Lord, the ones with the holes are now in the garbage. So when Collective Bias and Kmart gave me the opportunity to update his threadbare underwear with new pairs by Mario Lopez, I could not say "yes" fast enough.

MALO by Mario Lopez™is a new line of Men’s underwear sold at retail stores including Kmart.  The line consists of T-shirts in packs of 2 and briefs and boxer briefs in packs of 3 in Men's sizes small to extra large.

The MALO display at Kmart is very distinctive 
So while my son was at Karate class, I made a side trip over to Kmart to check on the MALO by Mario Lopez™ line in the Men's Fashion Department. I had not been to Kmart in a while, but I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the atmosphere is in the store and how easy it was to find my way around.

This kind of signage would make any woman stop to see what he's selling ;)
Finding the MALO by Mario Lopez™line was very easy since the signage with Mario Lopez "sans clothing" is quite attractive - Kmart must know that women do most of the clothing shopping for men.

MALO prides itself on being anything but ordinary so the the line is accented in bright, unexpected colors like electric blue and purple. But what I like is that the cotton blend fabric is soft and seems quite durable. They also have a nice wide elastic waistband to keep everything in place.

Out with the old.. with the new.
When I returned home, I tried to sneak the MALO underwear in the hamper, but my son noticed and asked me what happened to his "comfy" underwear. I did not want to tell him that they were now in the trash with his old school shoes. What I did tell him is that this new MALO underwear will be just as comfy, but without the holes. He may not be too happy now, but he will thank me some day. You know what they say, if he is ever in a accident, his underwear will now not be an embarrassment.

MALO by Mario Lopez™ is available at Kmart at a price of $14.99 per pack.

Who wants to meet Mario Lopez?
For more information on MALO by Mario Lopez™ follow MALO Underwear on Pinterest  and Facebook and follow Mario Lopez on Twitter,  I was just on the MALO Facebook Page and saw that they are having a contest that everyone might want to check out since it involves meeting Mario Lopez.

And be sure to check out my entire MALO shopping experience at Kmart by viewing my photo album on Google+.


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