Monday, September 10, 2012

TECH: Turn your iPhone photography into Cash using the Magic Moments iPhone App

Michigan based "Magic Moments" allows iPhone photographers to earn a little extra cash...

While I was attending BlogHer back in August, one of the more popular sessions during the conference was called "iPhoneography" It seems that wonderful camera on the iPhone 4S has allowed many professional and amateur photographers the ability to use smartphones as their principle camera of choice. I even attended a party at BlogHer where the swag gifts were special iPhone camera lens.

And it's not just iPhone owners that are getting into the smartpthone camera craze. Android owners of devices like the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One are able to produce stunning images using the great cameras on these smarpthones. During my trip to BlogHer, I only used the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S III for all my trip photos. But even through Android phones are catching up in quality, it is still the iPhone 4S that reigns king in smartphone photography.

Given the awesome quality of the iPhone camera, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a way for iPhone owners to capitalize on their photography. And I am happy to report that a Michigan based company has done just that.

Troy, MI based Magic Moments ( has launched a FREE mobile app and online social marketplace that allows users to take pictures from their iPhones and turn them into products that can be produced and sold in just a few simple clicks.

Magic Moments allows you to take a photo and upload the image to a virtual version of a physical product like a coffee mug or t-shirt. Then the item can be put into a searchable marketplace where people can purchase merchandise with your photo on it.

“Magic Moments is the modern day instant still-image photograph,” said founder Trevor George. “What was common in every instant photo growing up? Whether they captured family, friends, personalities, the most important part was they captured something valuable. Something worth remembering. With the press of a button, that ‘magic moment’ was instantly translated into something tangible – a physical photo. But what about moments that are also valuable to others? Magic Moments takes the instant photo concept one step further, allowing users to not only capture special moments, but design and share those moments to be consumed by any person, on any type of product, anywhere in the world.”

George created Magic Moments along with company co-founders Blake George & Sanford Nelson. Currently, Magic Moments offers a variety of personalized products, from apparel items like t-shirts and hats, to home items like mugs and shot glasses, to personal accessories like cases for iPhone. There are currently 18 product options available from Magic Moments, with hundreds more slated for the future.

Click here if Magic Moments iPhone App video is not shown

The FREE Magic Moments iPhone app can be downloaded exclusively from the Apple App Store

Magic Moments would be great for anyone who enjoys taking unique photos and wants to earn a little extra cash.


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