Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If you like my FREEBIES and think FREE is SEXY... VOTE FOR ME!

OK, the SEXY part may be over the top, but I did read that with the economy, FREE is the new SEXY.

Now that I have your attention, some very nice FREEISMYLIFE readers have nominated my blog for a 2010 BlogHer BlogLuxe award in the category "BLOGS I HAVE LEARNED THE MOST FROM".

I am very grateful and honored that readers voted to bring some national recognition to my blog.

So if you also like my freebies, please VOTE FOR ME.

To keep down voter irregularities (no hanging chads or evil bots allowed), the voting committee will send you an email that you need to click on to prove you are a human.

You can vote once per day and voting ends on July 12th. Thanks for your support

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