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It's a little strange, but very useful...

One of the technologies that was introduced during my recent trip to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas is a product called the SpiderPodium by Breffo. This product looks like a spider as the name indicates and it is flexible so it can be used to position a smartphone sized device at virtually any angle, in any position, in any location.

According to the website "Uniquely designed to complement virtually any portable device, whether it's used as a stand for your mp3 player, as a tripod for your camera or as a dock for your SatNav, the SpiderPodium is the perfect accessory for your favourite gadget."

When I unpacked the SpiderPodium I just started playing with it to see what shapes it would take.  Now I am not an engineer nor do I secretly have a longing to be another MacGyver, so all the bending and twisting was a little much for me.  So I started to think about how I could best use the SpiderPodium to solve some of the issues that I have with using my camera for filming.

Since I have started doing product reviews, sometimes I want to film the review using my camera.  But it has been a struggle for me to position the camera at eye level using a tripod.  I usually have to put the tripod on top of a stack of books or lower the level of my chair to get the camera angle just right.  So I started thinking that the Spiderpodium might be the perfect answer.  I bent and twisted 6 legs until I had a perfect nest to hold the camera and then formed a hook with the remaining 2 legs to attach it to the top of my computer monitor.  The SpiderPodium held the camera at the perfect level for filming (see the video below).  I was able to film totally hands free without using a lot of tricks to get the camera to at the right level.

Click here if video is not shown

The SpiderPodium comes in two versions - one for small electronics and a bigger version called the SpiderPodium Tablet that can be used as a holder for an Apple iPad.  It comes in two colors - white and black - to coordinate with the color of your electronics.

The SpiderPodium retails for $19.99 and can be purchased online at  To find out more about the SpiderPodium and the SpiderPodium Tablet, go to the Breffo website.

One FREEISMYLIFE reader will win a SpiderPodium courtesy of Breffo. HOLLA to the FREE!


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Disclosure: I was given the SpiderPodium to try-out for the purpose of writing this review and stating my unbias opinion.  I was not compensated for this review.


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