Sunday, February 27, 2011

TECH REVIEW: Use your Smartphone to Save money with ShopSavvy for iPhone & Android

Use the Camera on Your Smartphone to Save Money

Last year, I wrote a review about how I used the Droid 2 smartphone to save money on my holiday shopping. In that review, I used the and smartphone apps to look-up prices before I made my purchases.

Well I was reading through a magazine and found out about another smartphone price comparison app that can be used to help save money. The app is called ShopSavvy and it is a FREE barcode scanner/price comparison tool for iPhone and Android smartphones. ShopSavvy shows consumers where to find the best deals and uncovers price matching policies.

After you download the software to your smartphone, you use the camera on your phone to scan the barcode of a product you are interested in buying. The app then pulls up where the product can be purchased at the cheapest price in your area and online. A new feature with ShopSavvy4 is that the app can now tell you where the product is currently in stock and if the store you are standing in has a price-matching guarantee.

I first tried out ShopSavvy just around my house. After I downloaded the app, I went around my house scanning barcodes of electronics I already owned. The app showed me all the stores where the products were sold sorted by price from cheapest to the most expensive. I could then click on the price I was interested in to get more information on the store and the availability. The only thing really missing from this app is the ability to also see prices on

The app is very easy to use and makes price comparison a breeze. It is available for download for FREE in the Apple and Android market places.

Click here to find out more about ShopSavvy.


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