Sunday, February 20, 2011

TECH REVIEW: PodFlexPro provides hands-free way to watch movies easily on your Smartphone

I cannot wait to use it on my next plane trip...

I think everyone is in love with their smartphones.  I mean is there anything better than having one device that can be used for phone calls, music, movies and all kind of other entertainment?  But I have been on many a plane with my smartphone trying to use it to watch a movie and wishing that I did not have to hold the phone in my hands. But I just reviewed something that will alleviate the need for me to hold my smartphone for movie reviewing ever again.

A new video device holder called the PodFlexPro can help solve the issue of having to hold your smartphone for viewing a movie. Simply slide your video device in the protective sleeve which has a clear viewing window.  Then you can bend and flex the holder to prop up, hang or support your device.  The PodFlexPro can grip, grab or shape to a surface because it is made with a patented pliable endoskeleton.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention...
"I invented the PodFlexPro completely out of necessity, " says the creator David Burzynski. "I go to the gym with my iPod Touch that has all of my television shows from my Tivo on it, but when I am doing my carido workout I have nowhere to put the iPod where I can easily see the videos.  I kept thinking to myself, where should I put this, on the magazine rack lip? When I am flying should I just hold the movie I am watching up to my face?  And then it hit me, I should develop something I can use as a holder anywhere - on a plane, at the gym, at my desk and beyond."

This Thing Really Works...
I mostly watch movies on my smartphone while in the car so that is where I first started using the PodFlexPro.  While I am waiting for my son at karate, I put my smartphone in the PodFlexPro and drape it over the steering wheel of my car.  It gives me the perfect angle and distance for watching the movie in comfort without having to hold the phone.  I have also used the PodFlexPro to watch a movie on my smartphone while in bed by bending the holder to drape over one of the booster pillows on the bed. The PodFlexPro bends in many different ways so that you can always get a good angle.

The PodFlexPro is billed as being compatible with iPhones, iPod Touch and select Droid phones. My iPhone 3G fits in the unit perfectly with a tight fit, but the cord openings for the PodFlexPro don't match the iPhone 3G although I was still able to access the phone controls through the off-placed openings.  I think that most Droid phones will fit into the holder although I doubt the super larger Droid X would fit.

The PodFlexPro definitely does what it is billed to do.  The 11" by 5" flexible video device holder bends into all kinds of shapes and then can fold flat for packing in a suitcase or carrying from place to place in my purse.  I definitely see the PodFlexPro getting a good workout in my home.

The PodFlexPro retails for $24.99 at

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Disclosure: I was sent a complementary ProFlexPro for the purpose of writing this review and stating my unbias opinion.  I was not compensated for this review.

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