Thursday, March 3, 2011

Children's Gloves on clearance at Target for only 25 cents!!!

Thank Goodness for Target Clearance!

My son is forever losing his gloves.  They are on his hands when he leaves for school and gone by the time he returns. And of course he has no idea what happened to them in between.

This year, I started out with what I thought were enough pairs to make it through the winter, but the last pair did not make it home yesterday.

So yesterday I went to Target in hope of getting some cheap gloves - and low and behold, I hit the mother load!  Target has children's knit gloves on clearance for only 25 cents!  These gloves are regularly $1.00.  For boys, the gloves come in plain black, black with white skulls, and black with green glow in the dark skulls.  And the plain black are two pair together for only 25 cents.  The gloves also come in girl colors for the same low, low price.

So I bought 5 pairs of gloves and spent only $1.01 (after I used my Target card to get an additional 5% off) Can anyone pass up a deal like this?


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