Tuesday, June 28, 2011

GAME REVIEW: "A Better World" teaches users to do Good and be Kind

A Game that Rewards You for Doing Good?  Yes, It's called "A Better World"

Back in Febuary, I started playing the Facebook game "A Better World" which was created by a company called ToonUps. In "A Better World", you get to setup a home in your own virtual world and then shop, earn money, and interact with the people in the town where you live.

I can make my avator look just like I do in "A Better World"
Earn Money By Doing Good - Love that!
I love that I was able to make my virtual self look like my real self by choosing skin color, hair color, nose, eyes, clothing - the works. Then I was given some money (hello, you know I love having money) and let loose to build my life. But the really great thing about A Better World is that you earn money from doing good! Yep, you earn Do Good Gold and Better Bucks by performing acts of kindness.

Do you have anything to be Thankful for?
There are many ways to earn by doing good in A Better World. You can go to Gratitude Grotto and write notes about all the things for which you are thankful.  You can also see the notes that other users have written about the things they are thankful for.

You can go to the post office and write Positive Posts to your friends containing words of kindness. And you can play Three Cycle, a recycling game.

Kiss the Negative Thoughts Goodbye!
My favorite thing to do is Thumping Thoughts, an Arcade game where you get to take a mallet and hit all your negative thoughts over the head. The faster you thump those negative thoughts, the more Do Good Gold you earn. You can then use your earnings to buy things for your home or clothing and accessories.  You pet lovers can even go to the Pet Shop and buy puppies, kittens and even a magical unicorn.

So if you have not already played A Better World, take a look at the game today. But don't blame me if you get hooked on doing good :)


I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions on A Better World. I received a gift card as a thank you for my participation. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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