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Sleep Innovations® GIVEAWAY (week 1): WIN a $60 Rejuvenation™ Memory Foam Pillow - ENDS 7/1 (CLOSED)

Hello. My name is Jackie and my pillow is 20 years old...

I have a confession to make.  I have used the same pillow for over 20 years.  Sad I know, but let me tell you why.  My pillow is my security blanket, just like Linus's blanket in the Charlie Brown series.  It is also the only firm pillow in my home among a sea of down pillows that were all purchased for me by my mom. Down pillows are just too soft for me and I find it very difficult to go to sleep if I use one.  So I have kept my dear old pillow around for much longer than I know is good for me and my neck.

Lately, I am waking up with a stiff neck and I know that my well loved pillow is contributing to my condition.  So when I was asked to try the Rejuvenation™ Memory Foam Pillow by Sleep Innovations®, I jumped at the chance to do a pillow "upgrade".

I found out about Sleep Innovations® from their connection to the SheCon blogger conference.  Sleep Innovations® brought in Olympic Swimmer Dara Torres to talk with mom bloggers about the importance of sleep.  Although I did not go to SheCon, I heard from other bloggers that the talk helped them to realize that we parents should take better care of ourselves and invest in good sleep products.

Science and Technology create the Rejuvenation Pillow...
The Rejuvenation Pillow align your head and neck by giving you the correct shoulder, neck and head support.  According to the product website -

"Ordinary pillows can restrict your breathing, pressure on your chest increases, and you awaken stiff and tired. The Rejuvenation™ Pillow from Sleep Innovations® was designed by sleep scientists to correct these problems."

The pillows contour shape is said to be at an ideal 18-degree angle to improve breathing through your nose and mouth.

Not for Stomach Sleeping...
I have been using the pillow for the past two weeks instead of my old pillow and I have a few observations.  It took me a while to get used to the pillow because I am a creature of habit - good or bad.  I have been sleeping in the same positions for most of my life so it took me a few nights to adjust to having a pillow properly align my shoulders, neck and head.

Also I tend to sleep on my stomach, which is definitely not a sleep position that this pillow is meant for. This pillow is designed for someone that sleeps exclusively on their back or side.  Because of the 18-degree angle, the pillow actually forced me to sleep on my back or side and stopped me from sleeping on my stomach.

Once I settled in, I found I much prefered this pillow to my old one and a woke without the stiff neck.  I have also found that this pillow is perfect for propping up my head while working on my laptop while in bed or while watching television.  The Sleep Innovations® Rejuvenation™ Memory Foam Pillow retails for around $60 on

Sleep Innovations® Giveaways for the Next 4 Weeks
Sleep Innovations® will be sponsoring a giveaway per week for the next four weeks on my blog.  So everyone will get to read about my experiences trying out Sleep Innovations® products and then get to enter to win each of the products. The price of the each of the four Sleep Innovations® products will range from around $60 to $160. SWEET!

Three (3) FREEISMYLIFE readers will each receive a Sleep Innovations® Rejuvenation™ Pillow to help get a good night sleep.  These pillows have a retail value of $60 each.


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 - The contest ends on Friday, July 1, 2011 at 11:59am EST.

 - The winner will be selected by random number generation.

 - Prize will be fufilled to the winners by Sleep Innovations® or their PR company.


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Disclosure: I received a complementary Rejuvenation Memory Foam Pillow from Sleep Innovations for the purpose of reviewing the product and stating my unbiased opinion. I was not compensated for this post. has spoken! Out of 330 entries, has picked the following 3 winners. Congratulations to -

#221 Ashley Kof Lutz, FL
#242 Ambyr B of Belleville, MI
#317 Julie O of Clearwater, FL

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