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#31DBBB Challenge: 31 Days to a better blog - Days 5-7 Emailing, Enhancing, and Linking + $9 per year blog hosting

Problogger 31 Day Challenge to a better blog

This is my third post in the series for the Problogger 31 Day Challenge with the SITS Girls Community.  This challenge gives bloggers 31 activities to do that will improve their blogs based on the e-book by Darren Rowse.

Day one's challenge was to write an Elevator Pitch for my blog.

The challenges for day two through day four were to Write a List Post, Promote a blog post, and Analyze a top blog in my field.

Day five's challenge was to Email a blog reader.  The concept is simple: if you give your readers special attention, they will be loyal and continue to read your blog and tell others about you. I recently received an email from a reader named Mary in Washington DC. She wanted to know if I had a similar blog for free local events in D.C. Even though I was very busy,  I answered her email and she thanked me, gave me some great advise and a great freebie to list on my blog.  The freebie that she gave me ended up being one of highest ranking posts in my stats for the week. I am so glad that I answered that email. Read this Problogger lesson to learn more about this challenge.

The day six challenge was to read the Problogger 27 must-read tips and tutorials for bloggers and apply some of the tips to my blog. The list contains a lot of tips from how to increase traffic, to how increase Google Page Rank, to how to write better content.  I am already doing a lot of things listed, but there are some others that I would like to try in the future which are adding my own videos, getting a new blog design  (that will be coming in the future thanks to Margartia Berry at Detroit Design Lab), and moving to a self hosted blog.

For those interested in a self hosted blog, only charges $10 per year and if you use code “brogan,” you can get it for $9 a year. This deal comes from Chris Brogan at  (Now you know I had to throw a discount in this post somewhere)

Today is day seven and the challenge is to Write a link post.  When you write a post that contains links to other bloggers' posts, you enrich the subject for your reader and help other blogs to grow by providing readership.  It's called Linky Love!

My most recent link post was for the Friendship Circle. The Friendship Circle is a non-profit organization in West Bloomfield, MI that provides assistance and support to families of children with special needs. In June, the Friendship Circle hosted a blogger event where local bloggers took a tour of the facilities and blogged about the event. (The director of the Friendship Circle even wrapped a snake around my neck so you have to read my post)

I was one of the last bloggers to write a post, so at the end of my post, I linked to all the other blog posts that were written about the event so my readers could also read what all the other bloggers had to say about the organization. My readers got to learn about the Friendship Circle from many different viewpoints and some other bloggers thanked me for sending my audience their way.  Linky Love is a wonderful thing for everyone involved.

So that's it for this blog post. Come back on Wednesday to check out the following challenges:

Day 8: Interlink your old blog posts
Day 9: Pick a Forum and start participating
Day 10: Set up alerts to monitor your blog's niche

Follow the Twitter hashtag #31DBBB if you want to see how the 300+ woman bloggers are doing that are part of this challenge.


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