Tuesday, July 27, 2010

REVIEW: I took the Xtend Fitness Class at Equilibrium Studio - and all I got was a Toned Body


In June, I blogged about the FREE week of Xtend fitness classes at the Equilibrium Studio in Bloomfield Hills. The Xtend Barre Workout is a new sculpting fitness workout and Equilibrium Studio is Michigan's exclusive Xtend training studio and the first studio is Southwestern MI to provide Xtend classes to the public.

I used to do pilates a few years ago and my body was in the best shape of my life during that time. All the isometric moves really tightened up my body.  The only thing that I did not like about Pilates was that it tended to be a little boring at times. So I wanted to try an Xtend fitness class because it is billed as a lively, but tough sculpting ballet barre workout packed with isometric exercises to tighten and tone the body.

To Bloomfield Hills we go...
The Equilibrium Studio is housed in two buildings in the Bloomfield Medical Village. Upon arrival, I filled out an evaluation questionnaire about my health and also a release form.  One thing that I did not know was that I needed socks to do the workout so don't forget to bring some if you plan to go.  Equilibrium does have socks for purchase.

The Xtend class was in the studio next door to the main desk.  There is a place to put your shoes outside the door and cubbies inside the studio to store your purse.  The studio walls are covered in mirrors and there is a ballet barre on opposite sides of the room. Each participate is given a mat, weights, a resistance ball and stretch bands.  The weights range from one to two pounds. The instructor told me that using the one or two pound weights instead of higher pound weights will sculpt the muscles without building bulk. Xtend instructors are required to be trained in Pilates, making this the safest and most challenging barre workout available. Between the weights, stretch bands, resistance ball, the ballet barre and Pilates moves, I figured I was in for an exciting exercise session.

Sweating to Michael Jackson
The instructor put on some high energy Michael Jackson music and we were all ready to go. The Xtend workout starts with warm up stretches, weighted arm curls, and bouncing to the bass pumping music.  I was already sweating just from the warm up. The class then broke up into two groups to go to either ballet barre.  We went through a series of ballet like moves that stretched our muscles and worked the arms, legs, thighs and butt. You don't have to know anything about ballet to do these moves, but they will work you out, test your balance and get you really sweating.  There was one move where I had to hold the resistance ball between my thighs while doing a squat and holding on the barre.  I need some water just thinking about it.

After the ballet barre, and a water break, we went to the mats to do push ups, stomach crunches, and leg lifts.  We ended the workout using the stretch bands on our feet to stretch our legs in various directions and then a Zen cool down using deep breathing.

By the end of the 55 minute Xtend class, I knew, and felt, that I had had a total workout.

Now it's Your Turn!
Want to try an Xtend class for yourself?  Just follow Equilibrium Studios on Facebook where they have been offering introductory classes for FREE. Now you cannot beat that!

Equilibrium Studios
6405 Telegraph, Building G Bloomfield Medical Village
Bloomfield Hills, MI, 48301

Disclosure: I participated in a FREE Xtend Class for the purpose of writing this review and my butt is still sore - but in a good way :)


In October the Xtend Barre Workout founder Andrea Rogers will be stopping by Equilibrium to share her moves.  You can watch Andrea in action in the video below...

Click here if video is not shown

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