Tuesday, July 27, 2010

FREE OF CHARGE: The Most INTERESTING Blog Posts of the Week - a la Lady Gaga

Hmmm.... Interesting....

I read a lot of blogs in my Google Reader and I usually find the information to be useful, interesting, or funny.  So I decided to list the most interesting blog posts that I have read this week.  I especially like the post teaching marketing a la Lady Gaga.  These posts also have the most creative titles that I have seen in quite a while.  I hope you like them...

Dear Car Dealerships – Stop Sucking by Chris Brogan

The Worst Button in the World from Blue Sky Factory

Competition, Slush Piles and Cavemen: Converting Your Novel to ePub from BlogWorld

9 Proven Tips For Creating An Extraordinarily Successful Blog [Lady Gaga Edition] from ProBlogger

Have you read any interesting blog posts this week?  Add a link in the comments if you want to share...

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