Monday, July 19, 2010

Is Detroit the next Hollywood?

Local Movie Critic Liz Parker with Courntey Cox Arquette

Motown meets the Holly-hood

Who are those babes in the photo above?  Why none other than Detroit area movie blogger Liz Parker from Yes/No Films with TV star Courtney Cox Arquette.  Liz was hanging with her girls when she ran into Courtney at a local metro Detroit restaurant where Courtney graciously posed for photos.  Courtney is in town with her hubby David Arquette while he is filming Scream 4 on location  in Detroit.

So this photo got me to thinking - Will Detroit become the next Hollywood?  Will we see stars in line at our local gas stations and 7-11's?  Will we be sweating with Stallone at Ballys and hob-nobbing with Julia Roberts and her twins at Whole Foods?  Will you be drinking with Ben Affleck at the craps table at the Motor City Casino? 

Jobs Jobs Jobs
The movie industry is definitely starting to bring much needed work to our area.  Governor Granholm put out a Tweet last week about a local unemployed man who found work driving trucks for the local movie industry. I am also seeing lots of open casting calls for locals to be extras in movies.  Home Run Showdown, a movie directed by Oz Scott, held an open casting call for boys ages 9-12 who had experience playing baseball. Even local bloggers are getting into show business.  Detroit area mommy blogger Courtney Velasquez from reported she is going to be a movie extra in Harold and Kumar 3 which is being filmed in the metro Detroit area. Courtney reported that she was asked to pose topless, but respectfully declined the offer.

Celebrities make good news
Even the Oakland Press is starting to report on "celebrity news" with their article on Scream 4 director Wes Crazen being pulled over for - wait for it - failing to signal while turning. HORROR! Poor Wes actually has to make an appearance at the 15th District Court in Ann Arbor on July 26th - did you hear that paparazzi?

So how do you think the movie industry will impact the metro Detroit area?  Will Detroit need to employ our own brand of paparazzi photographers? Have you been part of celebrity sighting? Are you going to be a movie extra?

Leave a comment and tell all  ....

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