Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nominate a Small Business for a Moo.com Business Card Make-over worth $500 - ENDS 8/31

Win a $500 Business Card Makeover with the Moo Business Card Project

I am always looking for the best price before I spend money. So when I wanted to get business cards for FREEISMYLIFE, I first went to the "supposed" cheap sites. After I found out about extra charges to use my own artwork and extra charges for a double-sided business card, I left those sites real fast.

Then I found Moo.com and ordered their 10 FREE sample business cards. The cards turned out beautiful and I was hooked. I went back and ordered 100 double-sided mini cards that were designed to match my website and I get mad compliments every time I give one out. My Moo.com business cards really do my website proud.

Do you know anybody in need of a business card makeover? Well, now is the perfect time to let them know about The Business Card Project.

Moo.com is giving away $250,000 worth of professional design advice (a personalised consultation, complete redesign and the final cards to boot) to 500 small businesses - $500 each.

Moo.com is being supported by their friends at COLOURlovers, iStockphoto, and FontFont who have offered stunning free content.

If you of know someone who could use a little help, fill out an application form to be considered. This contest ends August 31, 2010.

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