Thursday, July 7, 2011

FREE Mottion Traxx Toning Session #1 Workout Mix

You've done the cardio. Now it's time for strength training - with this FREE Workout Mix

Introducing the G Series FIT Toning Session #1, a moderately intense mix for your iPod or other listening device featuring coaching from trainer Kimberly Spreen.

Who is Kimberly Spreen, you ask? Besides being a G Series FIT Trainer, she is the National Director of Group Fitness, Yoga and Education for Life Time Fitness/LifePower Yoga as well as one of Exercise TV's star trainers.

With Kimberly's help, you can 'sculpt' your body into top-notch form with an array of exercises including squats and flys.

This is a FREE download, brought to you by Gatorade. 

Download free: Toning Session #1


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