Sunday, July 3, 2011

How to Save Money using Presale Event Codes

Presale Event Codes help you get the best seats at your price point ...

If you have been following my blog, you might have noticed that I have been publishing a lot of presale event codes for concerts like Britney Spears, Lil Wayne and Rihanna.  These codes allow you to buy tickets to events before the tickets go on sale to the general public.

But I am sure some of you are wondering how presale event codes can save money since they don't give any discounts on the tickets prices. Well, let me give you an example of how I used a presale event code to get great seats while spending as little money as possible.

I few years ago, my son wanted to go to see a Disney On Ice show at the Palace of Auburn Hills.  I knew from a friend that the ticket prices for the opening night show for a Disney On Ice production are only $10.  Although 99% of the seats are $10 on opening night, there is a section of seating that costs $60 per seat and these seats are considered the best in the arena.

I used the online seating chart for the Palace of Auburn Hills to find out which seats were right behind the $60 seats.  I searched the internet and found the presale code for the show and when the presale started, I was able to buy seats one row behind the $60 seats.

My final cost for two seats right behind the prime seats was $32 with taxes and fees.  A friend of mine at work was able to get on Ticketmaster and get four seats right next to my two for the same low price using the presale code.  My coworker was very happy since he was sitting in the prime seats for a previous performance of Disney On Ice and he paid over $250 for his four tickets!

So although presale event codes don't get you a discount on the tickets, they do help to get you the best seats in the house at your price point and that is how I roll :)


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