Tuesday, July 26, 2011

GROUPON: $22 for African Wildlife-Park Drive-Thru Experience for Four (Up to $71.80 Value) ENDS 7/28

This is a wonderful Experience that everyone should get to see...

A few years ago, I took my son on a vacation to Ohio. We visited Cedar Point Amusement Park for 2 days, stayed at Great Wolf Lodge, and then had a unique experience on our last day in Ohio.  I drove about 20 minutes from Sandusky to Port Clinton to the African Safari Wildlife Park.

My fearless son and a zebra...
Despite being nowhere near Africa, African Safari Wildlife Park simulates the feel of traversing the plains of Tanzania by providing a vast expanse of a drive-thru safari, plentifully stocked with exotic animals. Peer up at fan-favorite giraffes, across at the white zebras and the more expected black-and-white Grant's zebras, up and down the ridged humps of bactrian camels, and wonder at the African majesty of the scottish highland bull.

Watch out for hungry water buffalos. This one stole 2 cups of feed from my son. After that we kept the window rolled up...
The cost of admission includes one free cup of animal food per vehicle to feed the animals as visitors drive through the park.  Since the animals know they will be fed, they come right up to the car and put their heads in your windows.  My son lost two cups of feed to a hungry (and aggressive) water buffalo. We stuck with carrots after that. The best part was when the giraffe came over to the car and my son fed him thru the sun roof.

Totally Priceless...
After the drive thru safari, we toured the walk thru zoo where my son rode a camel and a pony. People started giving my son extra pony and camel ride tickets since their kids were too scared to ride. Sometimes it pays to be a fearless.

Today's Groupon for $22, gets you four tickets to African Safari Wildlife Park (up to a $71.80 value). Children 3 and younger are admitted for free. 

Hurry! This offer ends on Thusday, July 28th at midnight EST.

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