Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I had FREE Hudsonville Ice Cream Today, courtesy of The Cooking Channel

Hanging at the Cooking Channel Treat Truck in Dearborn, MI
Frozen Treat Truck Tour hits Metro Detroit

Today, I was just about to leave work when I received a phone call telling me there was a truck on Ford Motor Company property giving out FREE Hudsonville Blueberry Ice Cream (YUMMY!).  Since I run a blog about FREE STUFF, I get these kind of FREEBIE ALERTS all the time. So I went over to see what all the FREE was about.

Creative drawing in the Ford parking lot
It turns out that The Cooking Channel is celebrating its first birthday by giving out FREE Ice Cream all across the country from their Frozen Treat Truck. The Treat Truck made it's first Metro Detroit stop on Saturday at the Eastern Market and today they were in Dearborn, MI.  When I asked them why they picked Ford Motor Company for their stop today, they laughingly said because Ford has the best looking employees :)

Michigan Made Ice Cream
The frozen treat that is given out changes from state to state.  Since the Treat Truck is in Michigan this week, the FREE treat is Michigan's own Hudsonville Ice Cream which is based in Holland, Michigan and started selling in Detroit two years ago.  My Blueberry Hudsonville Ice Cream tasted great and was a wonderful treat today in our 90 degree heat.

The Cooking Channel Frozen Treat Truck continues its tour around the country (check the schedule to see if it is coming to a city near you), but it will still be in Metro Detroit on Wednesday.  So if you see it, be sure to stop and get your FREE Hudsonville Ice Cream too.  It's a great excuse to leave work for a few minutes ;)


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