Saturday, July 9, 2011

FREE Music from Jazz Artist Esperanza Spalding on

FREE Music from Grammy winner Esperanza Spalding

Were you watching this year's Grammy awards when Justin Bieber lost the Best New Artist award to a relative unknown singer named Esperanza Spalding?

I knew about Esperanza because I saw her live during a Jazz concert here in Detroit at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO).  She is amazing in person and she is a Jazz artist that can sing in numerous languages and play multiple musical instruments.

Esperanza has a single called "I'll Look Around" that is part of a just released collaboration CD called "A Tribute to Billy Holiday".  Esperanza's song "I'll Look Around" is FREE on for a limited time.

As I say with anything that is FREE on, if you want this song, download it now because Amazon will return it to the normal price without any notice.

Get "I'll Look Around" by Esperanza Spalding FREE on


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