Wednesday, September 14, 2011

FREE ON YOUR BIRTHDAY: Ruby Tuesday Burger

Another FREEBIE for my birthday...

So I am still going through all my emails from businesses that contain freebies for my birthday. This one is a voucher from Ruby Tuesday for a FREE Handcrafted Birthday Burger. I received the voucher because I joined the Rudy Tuesday "So Connected" Email Club.

The voucher says it will expired 11 days after my birthday and I have to present ID in order to redeem it. Most of these birthday coupons can only be used for dine-in, but this one from Rudy Tuesday can be used for dine-in or RubyTueGo. Click here to read the RudyTueGo menu so you can pick out your favorite handcrafted burger.

I looked over the menu at my desk at work and decided I wanted to try the Handcrafted Bacon Cheeseburger for lunch.  According to the menu, all handcrafted burgers are made with 8oz of beef that is fresh and never frozen and all are topped with fresh leaf lettuce, tomato, and Rudy's mayonnaise with pickles and red onions.  The Bacon Cheeseburger also has applewood smoked bacon and Amercian cheese.

Ruby Tuesday has some very nice carry out containers
After I picked out my burger, I called restaurant and placed my order. The person who took my order told me that the burger also comes with fries (EVEN MORE FREE). I told the order taker that I had a coupon and she wished me a very happy birthday.  At the restaurant, I parked in the special "RudyTueGo" parking spot and went inside. They already had my order waiting for me so I gave the server the voucher.  She told me I was all set without asking me for ID.  The burger and fries were put into a very big and sturdy black carry out container.

This burger is HUGE!
The Ruby Tuesday Handcrafted burger is MASSIVE.  I actually could not open my mouth wide enough to get a bite, so I ended up cutting the burger into sections.  The burger was good and so were the fries.  I was given an ample amount of ketchup packs, but I did wish they had also given me some mustard for my burger.

I was only able to eat half the burger so I will definitely have leftovers for dinner.


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