Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Ultimate Detroit FREEBIE Winner - Brandi Kay


If you have been following FREEISMYLIFE during the month of June, then you know that I had a post for the ultimate in FREEBIES: a year's FREE RENT at the Garden Court Condos
as part of the I LOVE DETROIT CONTEST. The Garden Court Condos became nationally famous in the 1990's as the building that was shown on Martin Lawrence's TV show - Now you know the building I am talking about, don't you???

The I Love Detroit Contest ended on June 21st. Each contestant submitted a 2 minute video showing and telling why they loved Detroit. Over 50 videos were submitted.

On Tuesday, June 29th, I attended the contest wrap party at the Garden Court Condos. I have driven past this building hundreds of times, but had never been inside, so this was a treat for me. We were escorted past some serious security and rode the elevator to the penthouse floor. The party was on the penthouse rooftop terrace which has a stunning view of the Detroit River Front.

The party was absolutely wonderful. The food was catered by Maes and their butter burger sliders were delicious!!! At 7:30pm, it was finally time to announce the contest winner. First the field was narrowed to six contestants (I felt like I was watching the Miss America pageant) and then the winner was finally announced - Ms. Brandi Kay.

Me with Brandi after her big win!

Brandi Kay stood there totally stunned when her name was announced. She was immediately handed her additional prize of a Flip Video Camera and she went right to work representing the D in interview after interview and filming the events of the evening with her new Flip Cam. I caught up with Brandi later in the evening and found out she is your typical poor college student so she is totally thrilled that she won the contest.

Brandi was documenting me with her new Flip Cam

After Brandi moves into the Garden Court Condos, she will be documenting her year long FREE adventure on the blog so be sure to check it out and leave Brandi some Detroit luv comments.

Congratulations Brandi. See Brandi's winning video here or below.

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