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MOVIE REVIEW: Megamind in 3D + FREE online games

A complex plot with an exciting ending...

On Saturday, my son and I went to see an advance screening of "Megamind in 3D" at the Birmingham Uptown Palladium.  The movie passes said that kids who came dressed like super heroes would be part of a costume contest to win prizes.  It did not appear that most folks read that part of the pass and only my son and two other boys came dressed as supers.

I did not think they would still give out the prizes so I was very surprised when a cameraman came up to my son and filmed him being presented with a gift bag full of Megamind goodies and a gift card for a FREE small popcorn.  Prizes and free food are very great way to start out seeing a movie :)

Some of my kid's Megamind swag
"Megamind" is the story of good vs. evil - or is it?  The movie starts out with a very cute blue baby being sent to earth in a rocket by his parents to save the infant from the destruction of the planet. As the little blue child is rocketing toward earth, a another child (who is very handsome) is also heading toward earth in a similar rocket. Both children crash land on earth, but to different fates. The beautiful child crash lands on a big estate where he is adopted by a rich family and given everything. While the little blue child crash lands in a prison and is adopted by the prisoners who teach him the ways of evil. Both children are highly intelligent, but due to their circumstances, one grows up to be a superhero -Metroman (voiced by Brad Pitt) and the other a supervillain - Megamind (voiced by Will Ferrell).

Metroman and Megamind spend their lives locked in the classic battle of good vs. evil with Megamind always losing and ending up in jail. Until one day, Megamind's evil strategy works and Metroman is destroyed. Megamind takes over Metro City and turns it into a dump yard. But he comes to realize that being evil is boring without someone good to fight against. The rest of the story is Megamind coming to terms with his real destiny and realizing that looks and circumstances don't always have to dictate your success in this life.

"Megamind" is one of those animated movies that has a lot more going on than meets the eye.  The animation is totally brilliant.  The scenes look almost real and seeing the movie in 3D is a must if you want to get the best animated viewing experience.  The ending is exciting with complex animation that is out of this world.

The story is one of the most complex that I have seen in a children's film.  There are many twists and turns in the plot and, since I did not see the trailer, I did not see a lot of them coming.  But I find it rare in an animated film (and any movie where Will Ferrell is involved) to have such a rich storyline were good and evil are shown as shades of gray that can be affected by circumstances and our own choices in life.  Just because you are raised in a prison does not mean you have to be villain any more than being raised in a palace means you have to be a prince.

The kids in the audience loved the obvious jokes and slapstick comedy, but there were many funny one-liners where only parents were laughing since you had to have seen "The Godfather" to understand the comedy references. Both my son and I loved "Megamind" and it should do very well when it opens in theaters on November 5, 2010.

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