Monday, October 11, 2010

FREE On Your Birthday: DSW

How to get a FREE $5 DSW Rewards Certificate on your birthday!

Today I am continuing my new series called "Free On Your Birthday" where I highlight companies that want to help make birthdays more special - and FREE!  Last month I celebrated my birthday and I am making my way through all the email birthday offers I received from businesses.

So far, I have written about my FREE 16 oz drink from Orange Julius, my $30 free lunch at Benihana, and the Denny's Grandslam that I did not get to try because the FREE coupon was only good on the day of my birthday, and my very nice and totally FREE lunch at bd Mongolian Grill.

Today's spotlight is on DSW. A few years ago, I signed up for the "DSW Rewards Program" where DSW will give you reward dollars for future DSW purchases.  DSW also sends occasional emails containing their latest news and also a rewards certificate for a certain amount off any purchase for your birthday. The certificate is good until the last day of the month of your birthday.

In previous years, I have gotten either $10 or $15 dollars off as a birthday reward.  This year, the amount was only for $5 off any purchase.  But, hey $5 is still better than nothing so I went to DSW on the last day that the certificate was still good to see what I could find.  Besides shoes, DSW also sells accessories (wallets, socks, etc) so I figured that I should be able to find something priced around $5.  I love purse accessories and I found a red leather notepad holder with pen for $5.95.

The cashier wished me a very happy birthday and thanked me for coming like I had spent a fortune instead of $1.  So even though I did not get as much of a birthday reward this year as in previous years, it was still a very nice experience at DSW.


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