Sunday, October 10, 2010

New FREE Online Parenting Magazine - Project YOU!


Role Mommy has launched a new, FREE fully-customizable online magazine called Project You  for all those parents who are sharing and looking for information online. 

Project You offers a refreshing change from your average parenting magazine. It’s all about being REAL—as in admitting that YOUR kid is the bully that needs to be dealt with, or how you don’t always like your friend’s children, or how watching your kindergartener go off to school dregs up your own school memories. It’s about being YOU, warts and all, while trying to lead by example—and have fun in the process. Mostly, it’s about family, community, and camaraderie, and all those crazy life moments—good and bad—that we harried moms deal with on a daily basis (if not a million times a day).

So click on the interactive magazine below to start the adventure.  Read the entire magazine or just scan a few pages on the run - however you choose to read it, Project YOU has something just for you... 
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