Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FREE Virtual Blogging Conference: BlogHer Food 2011 Live Blogs

FREE Foodie Blogging Info

Last year, I went to New York City to attend the biggest female blogging conference in the world - BlogHer.  It was a wonderful conference with over 3000 attendees and hundreds of brands.

Another conference that is sponsored by BlogHer is called "BlogHer Food".  BlogHer Food 2011 was attended by over 200 food bloggers (and wannabe foodie bloggers)  in Atlanta, GA in May. 

I would love to have attended BlogHer Food since I want to add frugal foodie posts to my blog.  But there is no way that I can afford to attend blogging conferences more than every so often.  But the good thing about conferences sponsored by BlogHer is that they live blog all the sessions and post them online.  So even though we were not there, we can still get all the information that was presented - for FREE.  HOLLA to the FREE!

Click here to link to the FREE 2011 BlogHer Food Virtual Conference Live Blogs

And stay tuned for a giveaway on FREEISMYLIFE from one of the BlogHer Food sponsors :)


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