Friday, January 14, 2011

Ford announces Ford Focus Electric at 2011 CES

Ford CEO Alan Mulally gives a big kiss to the Ford Focus Electric
 Technology makes it EASY being GREEN!

During my Consumer Electronics Show (CES) visit last week, the Ford press conference was the one that I was most looking forward to attending. I have worked for Ford Motor Company for many years so I was front and center with my camera (as you can see I got some great photos) to find out about the Ford vehicle programs that are on the horizon for the next few years.

I really did not expect the news that Ford would build an electric version of the Ford Focus. Here are some of the highlights from the Ford Press Conference at CES:

Ford Sync News

- Ford Sync has been installed in over 3 million vehicle since its launch in 2007.

- The Ford Sync App-link software (FREE download) is FREE for the life of the vehicle. App-Link extends SYNC's hands-free calling and music searches to control third-party apps like Pandora, Twitter and Stitcher on customer smartphones using SYNC's voice recognition. This feature will be available on the next Mustang models.

- The Sync Destinations software gives customers turn by turn directions and can direct customers around traffic backups. The app is available for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices for FREE.

The New Ford Focus Electric

- The Ford vehicle electrification strategy is to produce practical vehicles that are fuel efficient and also give great performance.

- The Ford Focus Electric will be the 1st of many vehicles in the Ford electric car family.

- The Ford Focus Electric will be a filled with technology that will give customers a new user experience.

- The vehicle will be available in the United States in 2012 and in Europe by 2013.

- The seats are made from 100% recycled material.

Ford Director of Electrification Sherif Marakby explains battery charging time
- The car will charge in just over 3 hours from a 240 volt outlet which is 1/2 the time of the Chevy Volt.

- Value Charging (powered by Microsoft) will help customers charge their vehicles at the cheapest utility rates.

Ford Product Development Manager Ed Pleet explains MyFord Mobile
- The Focus Electric will include the smartphone app MyFord Mobile (FREE for the 1st 5 years) which will monitor key functions in real-time while the vehicle is mobile.

Ford Global Manager Mike Tinskey explains the partnership with The Geek Squad to install charging stations
- Ford plans to help influence the standardization of charging stations.

- The Best Buy Greek Squad will be used to install the charging stations for Ford customers in their garages. A short, funny video was shown to explain how easy the process is for the installers.

Click here if video is not shown

Here is a video that I took of Alan Mulally at the end of the Ford Press Conference at CES.  He's closing words were "Drive a Ford.  Feel the difference".  I have to agree :)




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