Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TECH: It had me at HELLO! The Moshi Moshi Pop Phone at CES

This display at CES is so old school. Photo Credit: Jackie Harper
CES goes Old School

Are the 70's calling your name?  Do you long for times past when a telephone was supersize?  Maybe you have fond memories of your princess phone? Or do you just like drawing attention to yourself with your tech toys?  If you can answer 'YES" to any of these questions the Moshi Moshi Pop Phone might be just for you.

I and Laura from were walking through the exhibition hall at CES in Vegas when this display called out to me. Yes, I remember when phones looked just like this. So, I had to stop and find out what this thing is.

The Moshi Moshi Pop Phone was designed by French designer David Turpin to look like a 70's phone receiver. It is really a high quality handset fitted with a 3.5mm jack for use with iPhones and iPads. The handset can also be fitted with separate adaptors to be used with other mobile phones and, when fitted with a USB adaptor, can be used for VOIP computer telephone calls on Skype and Google Voice with Gmail.

According to the website -

Moshi Moshi handsets offer mobile phone users the convenience and comfort of traditional telephone hardware with all the functionality of today's mobile devices.

Medical studies increasingly report a link between cell phone usage and the potential risk for cancer due to radiation emitted from the devices. The state of Maine and City of San Francisco are currently lobbying to have warning labels placed on cell phones in 2010!

Moshi Moshi handsets reduce exposure of potentially harmful cell phone radiation by 96%

The line allows for healthy and more productive communication and addresses the potential health issues resulting from long term cell phone usage.

Now, when I saw this handset, I immediately thought of my mom. She still does not like to use her cell phone, but I bet she would love pluging this handset in and pretending she is back in the days of corded phones.  By the way, my parents still have phones in their home that look like this handset.

The Moshi Moshi Pop Phone (affiliate link) had me at hello.  It's a little strange, yet so old school.


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