Friday, January 7, 2011

FREE "How to Avoid Problem Interactions with your Medications" Seminar at Detroit Receiving Hospital 1/13 1/26 2pm

How to Avoid Problem Interactions with your Medications Workshop
Crockett D - Thursday, January 13th
Crockett B - Tuesday, January 25

Your medications: they interact with you to make you better, and they interact with each other.  When is the interaction of your medications a problem?  Join expert pharmacist, Candice Garwood, as she tells you what general ways drugs interact with each other, in good ways and sometimes not so good ways.  Bring your mediations with you and she'll answer your questions.  Or meet with a doctor from 3 to 4:30pm following the class.

Workshops are located in the Crockett classrooms inside of Detroit Receiving Hospital's University Health Center at 4201 St. Antoine, Detroit, MI

Call 313-966-2690 to reserve your spot today.


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