Wednesday, January 19, 2011

REVIEW: It's the Little Things that make a Hotel Room a Home-away-from-Home ... my Embassy Suites Toiletry Bag :)

I think from my numerous tech posts over the last week, everyone knows by now that I attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas a few weeks ago.  I so loved seeing all the tech products, but the pace of that conference is staggering.  So when I actually made it back to the hotel to rest it was like heaven.

My roomie Laura from posted a great review about where we stayed which was one of the cheaper official CES hotels. But what Laura did not tell in her review was that she was envious of one item in our bathroom - my Embassy Suites Toiletry Bag. I received the bag for FREE during an Embassy Suites promotion last month when they asked travelers to submit their best travel tips.  I told Embassy Suites that if I liked the bag I would give them a "shout out".  Well, I don't like this bag, I L-O-V-E this bag!

The bag is good looking (which is why Laura noticed it) and it came with travel size personal care items included in a very cute clear zip top case.  The bag has a hook which allows it to hang from a door or shower head and it includes a mirror attached by velcro.  The inside of the bag has tons of clear and mess pockets for sorting - whoever designed this bag thought of everything.

I hope Embassy Suites does another one of the promotions so that all of you can get one of these bags. - including Laura :)  Until then, read the 10 best travel tips that were submitted to Embassy Suites.  My Embassy Suites toiletry bag helped me with #4 on the Embassy Suites 10 best travel tips list which is

“Have toiletries ready to go, so you have more time to pack presents and other items! I keep a small tote bag full of all my toiletries all year long so when it's time to hit the road I don't have to go searching through my bathroom for my shampoo, toothpaste, soap, etc. I just grab the bag, throw it in my suitcase and go.”

And thanks again to Liz Parker from Yes/No Films for telling me about the Embassy Suites promotion :)


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