Thursday, November 15, 2012

EasyFocus for Android gives smartphone photos DSLR like camera effects for FREE

EasyFocus works just as the name says....

Just a year ago, I only used my digital camera to take photos and I never would have thought to use my smartphone.  Now I have totally reversed my thinking. Smartphone camera quality is getting to be just as good as digital cameras. Plus when you install the Dropbox app on your smartphone, all the photos are automatically uploaded to the cloud which is totally convenient.

So now that I am primarily using my Android smartphone as my camera, I like to play around with camera apps in the Google Play store to see if I can find anything good.  And one Android camera app worth downloading is EasyFocus.

EasyFocus allows you to produce SLR camera like focus and defocus effects so you can draw the viewer's eye to certain parts of the photo.

I photo of my son with Franklin is updated from this...
... to this.  The photo now looks like it was taken with an expensive DSLR camera
To try out EasyFocus, I took the photo above of my son and the Peanuts character Franklin taken at Cedar Point Amusement Park and used the EasyFocus tool to defocus the background in the photo.

To unfocus the background using EasyFocus, I just had to use my finger to pick the objects of the photo that I wanted to stay in focus. Then everything else was blurred. Now, all the focus is on my son and Franklin and the blurred background is not even noticed anymore - very slick.

EasyFocus is FREE in the Google Play Store and you will also need Adobe Air downloaded on your smartphone to use it. The possibilities of using EasyFocus on holiday photos is unlimited and no one will believe you did it just using your Android smartphone.


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