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TECH: Kingston microSDXC 64GB Class 10 Memory Card helps capture thoses "bucket list" moments

Don't be caught with a too small memory card during a special moment..

Back in January of 2011, I had a wonderful opportunity to go to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. For me, it was one of those "bucket list" trips since I have wanted to go to this show for years. And because of my blog, I was able to go as part of the media and get close up access to everything.

I almost did not capture this moment because my SD card was too small
On the second day of my trip, I had a second row seat right in front of the stage to hear the CES conference opening keynote address from Alan Mulally, the CEO of Ford Motor Company. I had a once in a lifetime chance to video parts of his speech from as close as a human could get to the stage - seriously, I could see the sweat on the man's brow. But I forgot that the SD card in my camera was only 2GB so I did not have enough memory to capture video of all the parts of his speech that I wanted  - I was too through with myself.

After that event, I threw away all those 2GB memory cards that I had and bought ones as big as I could afford so that I would always be able to capture all of those "bucket list" moments.

Capturing life's moments is one of the reasons that Kingston Digital, Inc., the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., has come out with the new 64GB Kingston® microSDXC Class 10 memory card.

The 64GB Kingston microSDXC Class 10 card & adaptor
Storage is everything these days...
With our dependency on smartphones and tablets, the need for lots of mobile data storage has become more important than ever. From the desire to carry around our entire music collection, to capturing photos and video at weddings and sports games, we are all using our smartphones and cameras more and more - which means we need more and more data.  And the Kingston microSDXC Class 10 card significantly improves consumer’s digital lifestyle by delivering higher storage speeds and capacities we need to get the most out of our electronic and mobile devices.

It's Fast, really FAST!!!
Besides the huge 64GB space of the Kingston® microSDXC card, I also like that this card is a Class 10 memory card. Class 10 memory cards are the fastest memory cards on the market and they are usually a requirement for shooting HD video or if you use a DSLR camera.

Included adaptor takes the card from micro to full size SD card to use in my digital camera
Micro to Full Size with a simple Adaptor...
And you don't have to worry about the Kingston® microSDXC 64GB Class 10 memory card fitting your device. The micro size fits my smartphones and tablets with micro SD card slots and the card also comes with a full size SD adaptor so that it can also fit into the SD slot of my Panasonic digital camera.

With an USB adaptor, I can use the SD card as a USB Flash Drive
Also use it as a USB Flash Drive...
Another way to use the Kingston® microSDXC 64GB Class 10 memory card is to put the card in a separate adaptor (not included) and use it as a 64GB flash drive. My Mac Air computer only has 64GB of memory and no SD card slot. So I love using the Kingston® microSDXC 64GB Class 10 memory card as a USB flash drive for additional storage so I can always have my important files with me as close as my USB port.

I personally predict that large, fast storage cards like Kingston’s microSDXC 64GB Class 10 Memory Card will become the norm for everyone that uses a smartphone, tablet or camera with an SD slot.

The Kingston microSDXC Class 10 card retails for $100.  For more information, visit


Disclosure: Complementary product was provided to facilitate this review. All opinons are my own.

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