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REVIEW: Greektown Detroit's Newest Restaurant - Santorini Estiatorio

Santorini Estiatorio is a wonderful culinary experience for the whole family....

On Thursday night, my son and I had the pleasure of attending a media event to celebrate the grand opening of Greektown Detroit's newest restaurant - Santorini Estiatorio. We had an absolutely fabulous time sampling a special menu filled with signature dishes and cocktails. Even my picky son enjoyed his food - and that does not happen everyday.

I love the restaurant's design
One of the reasons that we had such a wonderful time at Santorini Estiatorio is that the restaurant has a nice, welcoming atmosphere - like a home. The owners say that they founded Santorini Estiatorio to celebrate the Greek culture of meals as a celebration of life with those around us. And from the beautiful interior design, to the wait staff and the management, Santorini Estiatorio gives their guests a total culinary experience that is very inviting.

The Santorini Beach Club is one delicious cocktail...
While deciding on what to order, I got to try out one of the restaurant's signature cocktails - the Santorini Beach Club which consists of southern comfort, amaretto, and peach schnapps with a splash of orange juice. Goodness, this drink is wonderful!!! It has a smooth, delicious taste. I would highly recommend it as a starter to your meal.

Saganaki Feta is like eating your dessert as your appetizer
My son loved the entire Saganaki "Opa" experience 
In choosing our appetizers, everyone recommended we try the Saganaki Feta, which is more like eating your dessert before your meal with its crispy feta wrapped phyllo dough topped with Greek honey and sesame seeds. It was good, but I knew my son probably would not try it - and I was right. So I ordered him the traditional Saganaki "Opa" since I knew he loves cheese and he would get a kick out of the flambe table experience. And I was right - he loved when the wait person set the cheese on fire and then proceeded to devour the entire thing. I was barely able to get a taste :)

We both loved the lamb chops...
The Lemon Chicken was too lemony for my taste...
For our entrees, I had a feeling that my son would enjoy J.P's Lamb Chops, and I guessed right again. I love lamb chops and these were marinated in a Mediterranean mix of olive oils, cooked perfectly well done and trimmed in just the right amount of fat. I decided to try the Lemon Chicken and it was very tender, but there was way too much lemon broth for my taste which I felt over powered the flavor of the chicken. Both meals are served with an abundance of rice and peas.

You may need a doggie bag for the Astakomakaronatha - it's huge!
While eating our meals, we engaged in some excellent conversation with our table mate, Jim Miller from Franco PR. And I had to get this great photo above of his entree - the Astakomakaronatha, which is spaghetti with an entire butter poached lobster. This meal was huge and looked delicious. Jim only got through half of it before giving up and getting the rest put into a doggie bag.

The Chocolate Lava Cake - HEAVEN!!!
For dessert, my son and I both agreed that we had to try the Chocolate Lava Cake. Having tasted it, I can tell you that if you don't have time to come to Santorini Estiatorio for any other reason, then please come to try this dessert. This is the kind of dessert that any chocolate lover would swoon for. Every mouthful was "lick the spoon" delicious. My son and I actually fought over the last bite. And he made sure to get some of that homemade whipped cream on every spoonful.

When in Greektown, make sure you stop by for a meal
Our Santorini Estiatorio experience was wonderful with great food in a beautiful setting. Even my picky child enjoyed his meal. And as we walked back to our car laughing and talking, I realized my son and I had bonded over our meal at Santorini Estiatorio. What parent could ask for more than that.

Santorini Estiatorio
501 Monroe Street
Detroit, MI 48226


Disclosure: My son and I were invited to a media event for the restaurant opening which included complementary food and drink. All opinons are my own.

Like my photos in this post? They were all taken with the Verizon Droid Razr M Smartphone loaned to me by Verizon Wireless. 

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