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TECH: How about a new Computer Mouse for the Tech Lover on your holiday shopping list? #CBias

Some Innovative and Stylish Computer Mice from Logitech that I love
Upgrade at least one thing on your tech list this holiday season without breaking the bank...

This is going to be one of the best holiday seasons for technology products ever. With the release of new iPads and Macs by Apple, new Kindles by Amazon and new PC's and Slates by Microsoft, there is something at every price point for people looking to upgrade to the newest technology.

I have made a few visits to stores like Best Buy to play with the new Microsoft Windows 8 Touchscreen Ultrabooks and I am loving them. But spending $800 to $1200 for a new tech toy is really not in my budget at this time. So if you are like me and not ready to drop big money on new technology, I know a way to upgrade at least one of your tech products without breaking the bank.

When I am browsing the newest computers and tablets both online and in-store, I also like to check out the newest technology available for upgrading my computer mouse. The computer mouse has got to be the most used and overlooked tech product. After all, most people, including me, just use the mouse that comes bundled with a new computer.

I have some very stylish computer mice for home use, but I have a very plain and generic mouse that came bundled with my work issued PC. It's functional, but hardly stylish or advanced. It's also very slow to respond at times.

Yippy! I'm getting a new mouse...
But thanks to Collective Bias, I was given the opportunity to shop for a new mouse as an early holiday gift for myself and I want my purchase to hit every thing on my must have list. Here is my list of what I am looking for in a new computer mouse:

- Works with my Windows 7 work PC, but it would be nice if it also worked with my personal Mac Air computer and with the new Windows 8 OS computers (although we will not be upgrading to Window 8 at work anytime soon).

- Beautiful and Stylish

- Different looking - makes people want to stop and look

The Amazon WindowShop app lets you shop from the comfort of your home
For online shopping, I like to use the Amazon Windowshop app on my iPad so I can window shop from the comfort of my bed. The Amazon WindowShop app allows me to browse the items on in picture format. Just click on a photo and you get all the product details and product reviews. You can also add items to your cart and buy them right inside this app.  I love Amazon because their prices usually beat the prices both in-stores and online.

So let me show you the products that I found that I loved and that can also be gifts for the technology lover on your holiday shopping list.

Logitech Wireless USB Touchpad - $79.99 (list price), $59.99 (Amazon price)

Since I like trying out the newest technology, I was very drawn to the new Logitech Wireless USB Touchpad as a computer mouse replacement and this touchpad is marketed as "Windows 8 touch navigation at its best and fullest."

The Logitech Wireless USB Touchpad basically gives you the feeling that you have a Windows 8 touch screen computer without spending the money to upgrade your old Windows PC.  You can do all the gestures on the touchpad that you would do on a Windows 8 touchscreen computer including 2 finger scrolling, one finger point and click, and three finger swipe to access new apps and two finger pinch to zoom in and out of photos, web pages and documents.

The Logitech Wireless USB Touchpad only works with Windows 8, Windows RT or Windows 7 computers so I cannot use this touchpad with my Mac Air, but it's a nice piece of new technology that any Windows user would be happy to own. Price: $59.99 on

Logitech Wireless Optical Touch Mouse M600 - $69.99 (list price), $38.89 (Amazon price)

The Logitech Wireless Optical Touch Mouse M600 is one beautiful piece of technology. I saw this mouse for the first time while I was shopping at Target and I just fell in love with the design. The mouse just plain looks cool with its smooth surface on top and no visible left/right/scroll buttons. Its design will make heads stop and turn.

The Logitech Wireless Optical Touch Mouse is marketed as having "precise cursor control on virtually any surface" due to its advance optical sensor.   Because it has no buttons, your finger is the scroll wheel.  The only button on this mouse is on the bottom and it is activated by pressing down on the mouse.  Right/left clicking is determined by where your finger is on the mouse surface so the feel will probably take some getting used to.

The Logitech Optical Touch Mouse M600 only works with Windows 7, but there is also a version available for Windows 8 computers. This is a sleek, beautiful mouse that I would love to own. Price $38.89 on

Logitech Wireless Cube Mouse $69.99 (list price)

When I attended the BlogHer12 conference in New York back in August of this year, I was at the Logitech booth and one of the Logitech employees showed me her Logitech Wireless Cube Mouse - and I got really excited. It looks absolutely nothing like a traditional mouse - because as its name implies, it is shaped like a cube.

Photo credit - Logitech
As innovation and design goes, this is the clear winner. The mouse is very tiny and you can hide it in the palm of your hand. There is nothing to open or close so there is nothing to break and its size is great for travel. It will definitely make a head or two turn when you take this out to use with your Mac or PC.

The design is so stylish that it would look great with my Mac Air - almost like it was made for it. This mouse also does double duty since when you lift it into the air it automatically changes to presenter mode so you can use it as a pointer for slide presentations.

The Logitech Wireless Cube Mouse is available in gloss black and white and this is definitely a mouse that I would love to own. Price $69.99

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse - Limited Edition Artist Series $69.95 (list price) $49.95 (Amazon price)

I have been salivating over the Microsoft Arc Touch Limited Edition Artist Series Mice for a while now. I own the original Microsoft Arc Mouse - and I love it. It folds up so it is very easy to carry around and it works with all my Windows PC's and my Mac Air. So when the new Microsoft Arc Mouse debuted, I was interested, but not enough to buy it - until I saw the limited edition designer series.

The new Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is a thing of true beauty. Where the original Arc Touch Mouse folds into a clam shell for storage, this new mouse folds completes flat to store or carry it around. Then it bends back into an arc for use. Also when you bend it into an arc, the mouse automatically turns on and when you flatten it, it turns off - which really saves your battery.

Oh Joy - Oh Boy is it beautiful
The Limited Edition Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Artist Series includes two designs that I love. The first one is called "Year of the Dragon" and it celebrates the Chinese New Year with a dragon design that travels up the length of the mouse. The other design that I love is called "Oh Joy" and Oh Boy, it is beautiful. The mouse is white and has a lovely floral design that runs the length of the mouse.

The Limited Edition Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is a wonderful combination of technology and design that just works, making for a practical yet stylish PC accessory. Price $49.95 on

I am thrilled by every one of the technology products I have profiled in this post and would love to own them all. But of the four, I really, really, really want the Logitech Wireless Cube Mouse. Its hits everything on my list with its head turning innovative design and stylish flair and it works with both PC's and Mac's. I could not hit the BUY button fast enough on this one.

So what do you think of my picks?? Pretty sweet huh? I am sure with innovative and beautiful products like these that I am not the only one who will be getting a new mouse for the holidays ;)

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