Sunday, November 11, 2012

TECH: Golla Tech Sleeves provide Protection and Style for your Electronics

My Mac Air and accessories travel in style in this sharp Golla sleeve
A Golla Tech Sleeve would definitely make a great gift for the tech lover on your holiday list...

I first learned about Golla tech bags when I went to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2011. I visited the Golla booth and just fell in love with all the products, including their Golla G Bag. The designs are young, hip and stylish without being cartoonish. And the products wear fairly well. I am still carrying my Golla Tech Bag around almost two years later, although it is really due for a replacement.

Since going to CES, I have purchased an 11" Mac Air and there is no way that I want a beautiful and expensive piece of technology like it to be scratched or dropped. So protection is first and foremost in my mind, but I also wanted a case that is stylish and the Golla Sydney Mac Air Sleeve definitely provides both protection and style.

The Golla Mac sleeve is very slim, but also very padded so it definitely protects my Mac Air from scratches and dents. The slim profile of the case makes it easy to carry around and to pack inside of larger bags. And I love the subtle design of the fabric of the Sydney sleeve. Golla's motto is that "Excellence comes in all shapes and sizes" and the Golla Mac Air Sleeve is definitely an excellent product.

Golla Tech Sleeves at Target
I have not seen Golla Mac Sleeves in any retail stores, but I have seen other Golla sleeves for 14" - 17" laptops at Target and Best Buy. Just look in the electronic section of the store along side the laptops.

Golla Tech Sleeves 25% off this week at Best Buy
Just in time for holiday buying, Golla Tech Sleeves are on sale this week at Best Buy for around 25% off. A Golla Tech Sleeve would definitely make a great holiday gift for the tech lover of your list.

For more information on Golla tech bags, visit their website at and follow Golla on Facebook

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Disclosure: Complementary product was provided to facilite this review.  All opinons are my own. 

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