Sunday, November 18, 2012

TECH: Be Ready for Black Friday with the FREE "Weekly Ads & Sales" iPad/iPhone App

Weekly Ads & Sales - total connivence for the super shopper

With only a few days before Black Friday, lots of people have already been on Black Friday websites to see what will be on sale. But most people will still buy the newspaper on Thanksgiving Day to get all the final sales ads. But wouldn't you like to view all the sales ads for just your local stores on your iPad? Well your wish has been granted with the app called "Weekly Ads & Sales."

"Weekly Ads & Sales" is a FREE app that uses the location services on your iPad or iPhone to give you the current weekly ads for the stores that are located around where you live.

Use Weekly Sales & Ads to view all the Target sales ads for multiple weeks
Just install the app and give it permission to use your location, and a list of stores surrounding your location will all appear on one page. Then you select the store and a list of the current ads appear for you to chose from. You then page through the ads as you would with a paper ad.

Macy's has tons of sales ads and you can view them all using this app
Now you can sit in your comfy chair with your iPad on Thanksgiving Day after the big meal and page through all the ads without having to buy any newspapers - how totally convenient.

I use this app every week, Black Friday or not
And after Black Friday is over, you can continue to use "Weekly Ads & Sales" to view all your weekly ads on your  iPad or iPhone. This is my favorite shopping app hands down.

NOTE: This app used to be in the Google Play Store for Android devices, but for some reason, it has been removed.



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