Sunday, May 23, 2010

3 4 FREE! with Courtney Velasquez from Detroit Mommies

What does it take to be a successful Mommy blogger? Let's ask Courtney Velasquez

Today, the FREEISMYLIFE feature 3 4 FREE! continues where I interview local and national personalities and ask them just 3 questions for FREEISMYLIFE readers.

Today's interview is with Courtney Velasquez, the creator of the popular mommy blog Courtney has been seen of late branching out into local Detroit TV. She has appeared on Fox 2 News and WDIV Channel 4 News.

Besides her Detroit Mommies blog, Courtney also runs Giftfully Simple where she does kid related product reviews and giveaways and Digital Mommy where she teaches mommy bloggers how to take their blogs to the next level. On top of all this, Courtney is a wife and mother of three girls age 6 and under. With all that's on her plate, I am happy she made the time to share some of her blogging insight with FREEISMYLIFE.


1. Courtney, How did you get into blogging and what made you start the Detroit Mommies website?

I got into blogging after befriending a bunch of bloggers on Twitter and wanted to do all the fun things they were doing. We had also just moved to Michigan from California, so these ladies were the friends that helped me move across the US not knowing a single soul. To this day, they are my closest friends.

I started Detroit Mommies after moving from California to Michigan and seeing a need for a place where moms and dads could go to find family friendly events going on all around Metro Detroit.

2. You are a presenter at the the Gleek Bloggers Conference this month in Olive, MI, so you obviously have a lot of knowledge to share on the subject of blogging. What one piece of advise do you give to Mommy bloggers who want to take their blogs to the next level?

My biggest suggestion is for bloggers to network not only online, but meeting fellow bloggers in real life is the best way to build those relationships. From attending one conference and then going to a local meet-up I got some huge opportunities from the real life interactions I had with some high profile bloggers. You have to get out from behind the computer and network the old-fashioned way.

3. FREEISMYLIFE is all about bargains, so what is your best tip on how Mommies can save money?

I'm not that great at cutting coupons, but I am great at finding good sales. When I do find a great sale, I buy in multiples. I also shop a lot at Costco!


You can follow Courtney on Twitter at @detroitmommies


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