Thursday, May 20, 2010

REVIEW: The Ford Experience - Too Cool

Ford employee Judy Asher, Ford Racing driver Greg Biffle and me at FLM Dealer Intro Show
Ford Motor Company and Belle Isle - Two Detroit Treasures show off each other's beautiful

On Tuesday, May 4th, I was part of a small group of Ford employees that went to Belle Isle for the 2010 Ford Lincoln Mercury Dealer Intro Show. Besides the wonderful photo opp with Ford Racing driver Greg Biffle (see photo above), the event gave us the chance to test drive cars in six closed course experiences:

1. Fiesta vs. Yaris and Fit
2. Edge vs. Murano
3. MKX vs. Lexus
4. Super Duty/F-150 EcoBoost
5. Mustang vs. Camaro
6. Timed Autocross Fiesta Fun Drive

We were only at the event for 2 hours so I could not do all the drives, but I did make sure to drive the most anticipated and talked about 2011 Ford Fiesta. The first time I saw the Ford Fiesta in person was at the Tweet Up at the NAIAS back in January. I love the Fiesta's cute design, cool colors, and the auto start feature. The actual test drive was great. I was able to smoothly maneuver the car through the test track which involved straight aways, sudden turns, and sudden braking. The Ford Fiesta is a great, cool car.

Ford Fiestas under the backdrop of the Belle Isle Fountain
I also tested the 2011 Ford Edge on a course that involved driving around Belle Isle. It was a beautiful day on Belle Isle and it was great to drive the Ford Edge around the island on the road with the bikers and walkers. I loved the solid feel of this vehicle and it reminded me of the smooth drive that I experienced driving my own Ford Taurus X.

The most exciting event of the day was when with the Ford Racing drivers put on a little show for our entertainment while driving Ford Mustangs. The demonstration was called "Drifting"and involved two Mustang race cars speeding in a closed course side-by-side and then skidding in unison. It was loud, blood curdling, and dangerous - everyone loved it. There is nothing as great as seeing muscle cars in action.

I've told you about the event, now let me show you what I saw and experienced:

Ford Employee Nello Santori demonstrates Ford Sync My Ride Technology in the Ford Edge

The Ford Transit Connect vehicle can be customized for many business needs. Here is one decked out as a taxi.
Ford Marketing Guru, Scott Monty, waits his turn to test drive the 2011 Ford Fiesta

It's finally my turn to drive the 2011 Fiesta - Love that cool green color
A look at the Fiesta closed course drive

A look at some of the custom Ford cars that were on display - I love these paint jobs

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  1. Nice pics, the Fiesta looks amazing

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