Friday, May 14, 2010

REVIEW: Verizon HTC Imagio (Part 3) - Visual Voice Mail + Photos + Video = Total Eye Candy

The Verizon HTC Imagio is Still a Thrill in the Long Haul

It's been over a month now that I have been using the Verizon HTC Imagio Smartphone and I am still loving this great Windows OS phone. I am glad that Verizon has allowed me to keep the phone for an extended amount of time. Just like in any new relationship, anyone can be thrilling at the beginning, but what really counts is how it all sorts out for the long haul - and the features of this Verizon phone are still thrilling me 6 weeks into the review.

I have already told you about how the HTC Imagio compared to other Windows smartphones that I have owned. And I have told you about how my son is totally loving the VCast TV and VCast Videos. Now I want to tell you about the eye candy features of the phone: Verizon Visual Voice Mail and the five megapixel camera and the video features.

Loving This Visual Voice Mail!

One of the things that has always frustrated me with retrieving cell phone messages is having to call a number and push buttons to save/delete/replay the message. Verizon has ended all that frustrating waste of time with Visual Voice Mail. There are no numbers to call to retrieve the messages. Just pick the Visual Voice Mail option and a list of your messages is visually displayed on your phone. I can delete, reply and forward my voice mail messages without having to listen to prior messages or voice instructions.

Visual Voice Mail displays key information, such as the length of the message and the date and time of the call. When I get a new voice mail message, the Visual Voice Mail application pops up, alerting me that I have a new voice mail message and from the phone display, I can also choose to call back, reply, forward, add to contacts, and archive messages.

I can store up to 40 messages for 40 days and create up to 10 greetings, as well as up to 20 distribution lists and 50 distribution members to receive messages. Visual Voice Mail can save the busy parent or business person significant time in managing and responding to voice messages.

Photo taken with Imagio
My backup 5 megapixel Camera

I love to take photos at events, but sometimes I get so busy that I have forgotten to pack my camera in my purse, forcing me to use the horrible camera on my old cell phone. The photos made people look like space aliens most of the time. The Verizon Imagio has a great 5-megapixel camera with a wonderful feature that allows me to choose the area where I want the camera to focus. There is a cross-hair icon on the screen. Tapping an area on the screen moves the cross-hair lines, bringing focus to a specific area. So now when I don't have my regular digital camera handy, I don't have to worry because I know the Imaigo can still get me some great shots like the one on the left of my son with his awards from coming in second place in the school spelling bee.

Photo taken with Imagio
I also used the Imagio's camera while I was shopping at the mall. When I see a cute outfit, I like to get a quick photo of it so that I can remember it when I get home. The Imagio really took a great photo of the outfit (right) showing all the details in the clothing. This photo does not look like it was taken with a cell phone.

The Verizon Imagio also shoots video. While I am not that much into shooting video as a rule, I have tested out the feature and was pleased with the results. If I still have the Imagio when I attend upcoming Detroit events, I will be sure to post the videos on FREEISMYLIFE and on Twitter.

Next Up - Watch for my next blog post in the Verizon HTC Imagio Review series where I will talk about the VZ Navigator feature which provides GPS in the phone with turn-by-turn navigation and and a whole lot more.
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Disclosure: I was loaned the HTC Imagio by Verizon for the purpose of writing this review.


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