Tuesday, May 11, 2010

EMPLOYMENT: Communities in Schools of Michigan State Office Development Consultant

WANTED: CIS State Office Development Consultant

Position Title: CIS State Office Development Consultant
Submit cover letter and resume by email to: sdeters@kcis.us
No phone calls
Deadline: June 1, 2010

Position Purpose: Responsible for working with Communities In Schools National and CIS Local Affiliates in Michigan to develop a comprehensive CIS State Office in Michigan, consistent with the CIS accreditation standards. This position will be engaged for six to twelve months to lay the groundwork for a new 501(c)(3) organization, a sound governance structure, a visible presence in Michigan, and the development of financial resources that will sustain the organization beyond year one.

Reports To: Director of State and Field Support (CIS National) and the Michigan State CIS Task Force.

Qualifications: Minimum of a bachelor's degree in a relevant course of study (Master's degree preferred) or the equivalent in education and experience with several years of increasingly responsible positions involving significant leadership and organizational development. At least five years of experience in a significant leadership role. Exceptional communication (verbal, written, listening), organization and interpersonal skills. Knowledge or experience in issues related to youth development and/or K-12 education. Knowledge or experience with government valuable. Well-connected with statewide leaders in education, politics, non-profits, and business.

Specific Duties:
-· Coordinate all activities and maintain ongoing communication with the CIS National Office an d Executive Directors of current CIS Local Affiliates.
-· Build interest and commitment of state and local leaders to establish a CIS state organization for Communities In Schools of Michigan.
-· In collaboration with current local CIS leadership (i.e., staff and boards), develop a state Task Force who will seed the initial State CIS Board of Directors including development of a Task Force work plan, and managing the necessary communications, meetings and materials for sound governance.
-· Develop and maintain effective relationships with stakeholders.
-· Work with the leadership of current CIS Local Affiliates to understand the needs of K-12 students in Michigan and the needs of Local Affiliates; and where needs are not well understood, develop the capacity for further needs a ssessment.
-· Arrange for the establishment of all legal documents necessary for the establishment and functioning of a 501(c)(3) for the Michigan CIS state organization, including Articles of Incorporation, by-laws, etc., as well as a physical office for the CIS of Michigan State Office.
-· Mobilize financial and human resources to sustain the CIS State Office beyond the first year.
-· Maintain clear documentation of key meetings and correspondence as well as other important documents.
-· Implement the CIS Community Development Process and TQS state office standards throughout the State Office development process.
-· Adhere to the State Office development timeline created by the State Task Force.
-· Other duties as requested by the Director of State and Field Support (CIS National)


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