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I am the CEO of ME! - How to Job Search using Social Media - a recap of Chris Brogan's Webinar

Social Media and the Job Search

Chris Brogan just wrapped up his FREE webinar on how to use social media in searching for a job.  It was one hour packed with information that is useful whether you are looking for employment or not.  The overall take away from the webinar is "YOU are the CEO of YOU".

According to Chris, there are 5 main parts to being "The CEO of YOU":

1) Platform Building

- You are the platform and you should be using
   tools to help broadcast your message

- Your main tools in building your platform should be
   a website and a social presence on sites like
   Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

- Have a blog so people can get to know you by reading
  what is on your mind.  Chris blogs everyday because the
  more he blogs, the more opportunities he has for making money

- Use your website to show your great ideas and positivity

- Use your website to invite people to come and work with you

- Chris Brogan has a page on his website on how to engage him
   as a speaker and videos of his speeches

- On LinkedIn, use a real honest photo of yourself

- Give and Get recommendations on LinkedIn

- List your non-work work on LinkedIn

- You can add applications on LinkedIn to add RSS feeds
   and SlideShare presentations

- Chris Brogan uses the "Summary Section" on LinkedIn
  because he is part of many projects and companies

- The 5 key take aways about your platform are:
     1. Use human language
     2. Have a simple message
     3. Have a "Give" mindset
     4. Present yourself positively 
     5. Don't act desperate 

2) Work Has Changed

- A Job is a unit of measurement

- Work can exist outside of  a job

- We are now usually working at a distance from the core business

- 5 Truths about Work
      1. There is no going back.  Job Security no longer exists
      2. Be the CEO of YOU and stop just looking for a job
      3. You now manage a portfolio of opportunities.
          Jobs only last on average 3 years
      4. Staying PAID is the main thing
      5. You are valuable whether employed or not

- Use and put in phrases like 'Job Listing" or "hiring"

- You can use

- You can also use Google and search on job title and zipcode

3) Networking

- You can use LinkedIn option"Who Viewed My Profile"
   to see who is looking at you for possible work

- Use the "Network Activity" part of LinkedIn

- Don't do homemade business cards

- If you have business cards made, make your FIRST NAME
  the biggest field on the card and leave the back blank for
  people to write notes about you

- Research folks before you go to networking events using
  social media tools (Twitter, LinkedIn)

- Do a quick follow-up after the networking meeting and follow them on Twitter

4) Understand Money

- Know how much money you need every month. Most people don't know

- You need to figure out how much to charge per sale and
   how much to charge per hour

- There is a big difference between ($ vs Hours) and (Hours vs $).
  Pay others to do what can afford not to do.
  Chris hates laundry so he pays to get it done so he
  can spend those hours working more

- Chris recommended the book "The Millionaire Maker"
  by Loral Langemeier as the best book on understanding money

- There are other currencies besides money, like Lists, Connections, etc.

5) Inbound Marketing and YOU!

- Inbound Marketing consists of
        1. Videos - Show the natural you
        2. Blog Posts - Show your ideas
        3. Slideshows - Show your work
        4. Work Samples - Show your worth
        5. Engagement Suggestions
            - Show the kind of opportunities you are looking for

- Inbound Marketing is the SINGLE most IMPORTANT thing you can do


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